Every Ohioan who does an honest day's work should be able to support a family and get ahead.


Level the Playing Field.

Ohio workers are the best in the world, and they deserve a level-playing field. We must fight not just for Made in America, but Made in Ohio. We must rebuild our roads, bridges, schools, and power lines. These projects should be contracted to Ohio companies, the work should be done by Ohio workers using Ohio steel, and the outcome will be a stronger Ohio for our children and grandkids. And let’s get rid of tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas. Let’s make Ohio the best state in the country in which to start and run a small business.


Fight so-called “Right to Work”

Every Ohioan who does an honest day’s work should be able to support a family and get ahead. Right to Work legislation undermines workplace safety and diminishes collective bargaining power across the state. I stand with Ohio’s workers in rejecting Right to Work, so that our laborers can earn fair pay for a day’s work and the financial security to provide for their families.


Invest in a 21st Century Infrastructure for a 21st Century Economy

Ohio’s infrastructure is suffering from years of neglect on the part of our representatives in Washington. We must rebuild in order to attract new businesses and put Ohioans to work. This investment must be massive, and go beyond roads and bridges to include a 21st-century electrical grid and a commitment to renewable energy. We will stand up to those who pit jobs against the environment. That is a false choice. We can attract decent, good-paying jobs to the Ohio 7th without ruining our water and air.