Ken has been endorsed by the following groups and individuals:


Vice President Joe Biden

“Ken Harbaugh is a fighter with a history of standing with people on their hardest days…In Congress, Ken will fight for Ohio workers, protect pensions, and bring good-paying jobs back to Ohio. He will fight for Ohio families to have access to affordable health care and good schools. And he will fight for Ohio veterans who served with honor and to whom, as Ken well knows, we owe a debt of gratitude.”

Senator Sherrod Brown

"Special interests and pressure from party leaders are no match for Ken’s uncommon courage and integrity…The 7th District, Ohio and our nation will be better off when Ken Harbaugh is elected to Congress."

Rep. Seth Moulton

“While being a veteran is not a litmus test for serving in Congress, we need more service-driven leaders who are prepared to put country over party and people over politics … and the Democratic Party needs a new generation of leadership—one focused on the future… I proudly endorse Ken Harbaugh, and I look forward to working with him in Congress."

Rep. Tim Ryan

“Ken sees this run as an extension of his public service in the military. He can help us realize more deeply that getting involved in public life means serving others. Ken is uniquely qualified to help redefine politics in that way.”

Rep. Jan Schakowsky

“As a former U.S. Navy pilot and recent President of a disaster relief organization, Ken Harbaugh knows what it means to solve problems in a crisis… Ken has devoted his life to public service. He will fight for the values we all share -- like affordable health care, protecting our seniors, and building a strong Midwest economy that supports working families. The 7th District will be better off when Ken Harbaugh is elected to Congress.”

“Ken understands the responsibilities of citizenship, and when his country and community called, he was there. Now, when his community needs him, he’s stepping up again. The people of Ohio need more champions in Congress to help make our government work for them again. Ken’s just the guy to help get that done.” 

Vote Vets

“Duty to country is personal for Ken. And at a time when politics is polluted by partisanship and dominated by those who put party above country, Ken offers a breath of fresh air. Ken is an experienced, selfless leader, and we know he’ll work hard for Ohioans every single day.”

New Politics

“As a former U.S. Navy pilot and president of a disaster relief organization, Ken knows how to keep cool in a crisis. And we have a crisis in Washington today. Congress is littered with politicians who are in the pockets of their Big Money backers. It’s time to throw them out. That’s where Ken comes in. He will fight for this kind of reform.” – Tiffany Muller, President, ECU

End Citizens United

Ken Harbaugh is selected for his “ability to bridge across political party lines.”

The Arena

"Ken Harbaugh is a dedicated public servant who has fought for our country on and off the battlefield. He’s a proven leader. And he has a deep understanding of how strong, principled foreign policy protects our country’s interests at home and abroad. We’re proud to support his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives." – Andrew Albertson, Executive Director

Foreign Policy for America

“We wish you every success in this election and look forward to working with you in the future for a better Ohio.” – Joseph P. Rugola, Executive Director


"Ken is selected for his “strong support of Ohio’s working men, women, and their families.”  -- T. Dean Wright, Jr. President, OSCM

Ohio State Council of Machinists

"The Communications Workers of America, District 4 feel that Ken Harbaugh is the best choice for the Ohio 7th Congressional District. Ken's education, military background, and the fact he has spent a lifetime helping others, show the experience and character needed to make workers and working families a priority." -- Linda L. Hinton VP, CWA D4  

CWA, District 4

“Of all the candidates in all the races affecting the Stark County area, we’ve found no candidate who matches Harbaugh’s drive, passion and ability to connect with voters the way Harbaugh does. He calls the process ‘listening, learning, understanding and acting.’ We call it effective and believe it can translate to Washington. For that reason, we endorse Harbaugh for the 7th District seat.”

The Canton Repository

"[Ken] shows laudable passion about protecting pre-existing conditions coverage and he knows that Congress needs more veterans and others with experience in conflict zones...”

The Plain Dealer

“We have endorsed U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs many times over the years, but …we are endorsing Gibbs’ Democratic opponent, former naval aviator Ken Harbaugh…His work helping people in their most desperate hours has given Harbaugh an admirable empathy.”

The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram

Additional Endorsements

Senator Tammy Duckworth

Rep. Marcy Kaptur

Rep. Marcia Fudge

Rep. Dan Kildee

Rep. Scott Peters

Fmr. Rep. Zack Space

Fmr. Gov. Howard Dean (VT)

Fmr. Sen. Russ Feingold (WI)

Canton City Councilman, Rob Fisher

With Honor



IAFF Local 249

Ironworkers Local 550

SMART (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation)


Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen

IBEW Local #668