Every child deserves a high-quality education.


Fighting for children, and for our future.

When I became a parent, my priorities changed. Suddenly it wasn’t all about me. Every choice I made was for my kids. At the end of the day, that’s what this campaign is all about: our children. And building a future they can believe in. A future they deserve. Every child deserves a great education. Instead, over the past seven years, Ohio’s student performance has dropped from 5th to 23rd in the nation. It’s time for that slide to end.


Revitalizing Ohio’s schools.

50% of Ohio’s school districts have deteriorating buildings. We need to invest in our children’s places of learning. Our teachers need our support, and our schools need to be upgraded. When we talk about infrastructure we should be talking more than roads and bridges -- building world-class schools should be a part of any infrastructure bill we pass. But we must be good stewards of that investment. We need to use our resources more efficiently. For too long, for-profit charter schools have been an inefficiency dragging down our school systems, treating children as profit centers instead of our most precious treasures. If a charter school is doing right by its students, that’s great. But the success of one school cannot come at the expense of others. Any school receiving public money must be held to the same standards as traditional public schools. Above all, our kids cannot be treated as revenue generators, enriching a few for-profit companies while public education goes underfunded. Public schools in our state should be active centers of learning and the lifeblood of their communities.


Promote post-secondary opportunity.

I support making community college more affordable and creating more partnerships between local small businesses and college students. Ohio should be open for business. For those students who choose to go to university, getting an education should not mire you in debt. The government and predatory lenders have to stop profiting off student loans. We should simplify the process and index Pell grants to inflation to stop pay increases. I would support creating stronger national service programs that incentivize students to give back to our country.