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Ken Harbaugh is a former Navy pilot, an Ohioan, and a lifelong champion of military veterans. He served on the front lines of some of our nation’s toughest challenges, both in uniform and out.

As an Aircraft Commander, Ken led reconnaissance missions around the world. As president of Team Rubicon Global, an international disaster relief organization, he learned to get things done in the midst of a crisis. 

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Rep. Seth Moulton Endorses Ken Harbaugh for Congress

“We need more service-driven leaders who are prepared to put country over party and people over politics,” Moulton said. “The Democratic Party needs a new generation of leadership - one focused on the future.”

Harbaugh Ends Launch Week in Holmes and Tuscarawas Counties

“I think we have a historic opportunity in 2018 to begin to right the ship. As I have travelled around the district I have felt the energy. At the end of the day we are going to be saved by the ultimate check and balance, which appears in the opening...

Vote Vets Endorses Harbaugh For Congreess

“Ken understands the responsibilities of citizenship, and when his country and community called, he was there,” said Rick Hegdahl, veterans outreach director for VoteVets. “Now when his community needs him, he’s stepping up again. Washington is broken, and the people of Ohio need more champions in Congress to help make our government...

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